5501 County Hwy 15
Cleveland, AL  35049
P.O. Box 89
Locust Fork, AL  35097
  • General Manager: Mrs. Kim Vaughn
  • Field Supervisor/Manager (grade 1 certified): Mr. Trevor Bollen
  • Office/Field Operator (GRADE 1 CERTIFIED): Mr. Shawn Thompson
  • Field operator: Mr. Matt Roberts

PBWA Staff

The PBWA Board of Directors holds a monthly board meeting on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm in the PBWA office.  Citizens of the PBWA are welcome and encouraged to attend the monthly meetings.  To address the PBWA Board of Directors regarding a concern or a complaint, PBWA requires that a request to be on the agenda form be completed in detail and submitted ten (10) business days prior to the scheduled board meeting.  Each person will have five (5) minutes to address their concerns to the PBWA Board of Directors.The PBWA Board of Directors has employed qualified individuals to oversee the daily operation of the PBWA.

Quick Contact

  • Chairman: MR. JEFF MCDONALD
  • Vice Chairman: MRS. DEBRA HICKS
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Mr. Milton Faris
  • Director: Mr. Ned Fortenberry

About Us

Monday - Friday
7:30a - 4:00p
Phone: (205) 681-8871
After Hours: (205) 681-8871

PBWA Board of Directors

The Pine Bluff Water Authority (PBWA) was created in 1969 under the servitude of Mr. Clements Massey, Mr. Earnest Harmon, Mr. Aaron Nix, Mr. George Headley, Mr. Joe Massey, Ms. Ann Massey and Ms. Rossye Massey.  At the time of its creation, the PBWA was the 100th water system in the State of Alabama.  Over the years, many people have dedicated their time, leadership, and service toward the growth and the betterment of the PBWA.  In 2009, 40 years after its creation, the Pine Bluff Water Authority embarked on building a new office to better service the people of the PBWA.  In 2010, the building was officially dedicated to the Pine Bluff water customers: past, present and future.

The PBWA is governed by a five (5) member board of directors.  The PBWA Board of Directors each serves a six (6) year term.  Each director is appointed by the Blount County Commission.  Every two years, the PBWA Board of Directors elects the officiating officers such as Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer.

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